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Business English / Global Communications

  1. Solution 01: General Business English /English for Specific Purposes
  2. Solution 02: Develop Global Communication Skills

Solution 01

General Business English / English for Specific Purposes

The world is globalizing quickly and English is being used in an ever- expanding range of industries – especially in Japan. The result is a rapidly increasing demand for better English communication skills. PCI provides practical Business English programs that cater to individual levels and needs, helping them to achieve their learning objectives. We design personalized learning programs that can be utilized with ICT thus eliminating problems with study time or location. We also have programs that enable our clients’ personnel to boost their TOEIC®, TOEFL®, and CEFR scores.

General Business English
Unlike everyday English, Business English requires specific language that is both appropriate to business situations and sensitive to cultural differences. Our Business English programs teach the kind of language and business skills that are needed in today’s global business society.
ESP: English For Specific Purposes
Building mutual understanding and trust are essential elements for working smoothly in a globalized environment. We are able to help our clients achieve rapid success in meeting their English communication objectives. These objectives may involve giving presentations or honing English skills that are specific to certain industries, such as finance, IT engineering, architecture, healthcare, project management, and sales.
TOEIC® and TOEFL® test preparation
Our highly-experienced instructors help participant’s improve their current standardized testing scores. Participants will receive help in creating a personalized system for studying regularly and developing the study habits they need to improve their scores. For companies using CEFR indicators, we provide a range of English assessment tests before and after each of our programs. These assessments help participants set benchmarks and gauge training effectiveness.

Training can be done on-site in either private or group lessons or online.

Our training sessions are composed of material that include either some or all of the following:
Preparatory videos, face-to-face classes, online tests, online homework, seminars, and/or experiential learning.


Solution 02

Global Communication Skills Training

At PCI, we help companies succeed in their global business initiatives. Our experienced instructors will facilitate interactive sessions which focus on improving business skills – such as negotiations, presentations, and meeting facilitation – which are essential in leading successful global initiatives.

Presentations 1 Preparation and Organization
A critical phase for a successful presentation relies on organizing the contents in such a way that it creates a logical flow. Participants will acquire a solid framework which has a longstanding and successful track record.
Presentations 2 Presentations with Impact
Participants learn how to deliver a successful presentation which is both logical and persuasive. Participants will focus on structuring their presentation for maximum impact.
Meeting Facilitation
Participants will work on facilitation strategies to lead effective meetings by gaining an understanding of the different leadership styles needed for different situations. Sessions will cover how to maximize brainstorming sessions, how to deal with conflict, and how to refine their problem-solving skills.
Participants will acquire the skills needed to achieve successful win-win negotiations. Participants will also benefit from a deeper knowledge of the different negotiation strategies used in global business. They will strengthen the skills they need to deal with conflict, persuade others to accept their position, resolve deadlocks, and move forward with best alternatives.
Global Communication Training for New Employees
Through Experiential Learning, new employees learn the skills necessary to communicate effectively and acquire the Business English skills essential for global communication.

*We also develop engaging original learning videos tailored to meet specific needs.



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