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PCI’s Creed

At Phoenix Consulting, Inc. (PCI), we are determined to ensure that the 21st century will be an age of prosperity for all. The 20th century saw Japan lead the world in manufacturing. Today, information technology is leading us into a period of unprecedented change. In this rapidly changing world, people and their ideas are more important than ever. PCI is fully committed to helping our clients overcome the challenges of today’s global work environment. By implementing next generation learning, developing creative business leaders, and helping everyone reach their potential, we are confident that we can achieve this.

“Pursuing Human Excellence for the Future”
Corporate Mission
  • To create value for our customers by helping them excel in their performance
  • To serve our clients with integrity as their trusted partner
  • We strive to become a professional firm that makes a significant impact on people and society
  • To be the company of choice that is recognized for its cutting-edge, high quality programs, skills and competency based training.

CEO & Founder Message (Toru Kishida)

CEO & Founder Phoenix Consulting, Inc. Net Learning Holdings, Inc. CEO & Founder Toru Kishida
In the 21st century, the economy has become increasingly global, and many Japanese companies have already expanded their businesses to compete in this global environment. Changes arising from such globalization continue to transform the workplace, but the crucial challenge these Japanese corporations face is their inability to find employees and executives who possess expanded competencies and the capabilities to operate globally. To overcome this challenge, PCI utilizes new, more dynamic learning methods that integrate face to face training sessions with online learning opportunities. In doing so, PCI is able to provide practical training to prepare individuals and executives for success in a global environment. PCI has begun a new chapter in corporate training as a member of the NetLearning Group. Together, we hope to become your most valued partner in developing your next global talents and leaders.

Company Information / Access

Company name Phoenix Consulting, Inc.
CEO & Founder Toru Kishida
Incorporated August 12, 2005
Capital 46 million yen
Stockholder NetLearning Holdings, Inc.
Address Nishi-shinjuku Prime Square 2F 7-5-25, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023 Japan TEL:03-5962-3511 FAX:03-5989-1901
Business Training and Development, Consulting, Coaching, Outsourcing, Performance Assessment, Language Instruction
Group Company NetLearning, Inc. / WiWiW Corporation / 明香企業信息諮詢(上海)有限公司
Management CEO & Founder: Toru Kishida
Executive Vice President: Shuji Yamada
Executive Director: Hiroyuki Sato
Auditor: Susumu Kishida
Major Bank Mizuho Bank

9 minutes walk from [JR/Odakyu/Keio/Tokyo Metro] Shinjuku Station (West Exit)
5 minutes walk from [JR]Okubo Station
7 minutes walk from [JR]Shin-Okubo Station
6 minutes walk from [Toei Oedo Line]Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station
3 minutes walk from [Seibu Shinjuku Line]Seibu Shinjuku Station(North Exit)


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