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Our department, Global Leadership Development Solutions (GLDS), as part of Phoenix Consulting Inc., focuses on helping companies succeed in their business operations and global initiatives.

We help organizations overcome business challenges by enabling cultural change and by tightly connecting talent and leadership development to value creation. This improves team effectiveness and helps businesses gain a competitive advantage.

We empower individuals and teams to outperform themselves, drive sustainable business and succeed in a global market. GLDS is fortunate to partner with leading global companies to bring to Japan the latest solutions in learning and development, and business training.

We are also the leading provider of integrated learning technology in Japan. We provide learner-centric experiences anytime, anywhere.

Global Communication Strategies
The current environment requires professionals to be more adaptive and flexible to cope with new challenges. Succeeding in today’s economy requires both teams and individuals to leverage opportunities and minimize challenges in global communications. In addition to understanding how to communicate more effectively in a global team, participants will explore problem-solving strategies applicable to multicultural environments.
Integrating Teams
With our team-based solutions, we help current teams and their leaders to better understand their behavioral and communication preferences to engage participants and prompt them into producing their best. Team and individual assessments are offered to identify and develop the culture of the team.
Future Leaders Program
Retaining talent and keeping the work force motivated is one of the most critical aspects of HR professionals.
Our Future Leaders Program solution helps participants gain a more critical mindset and teaches them the strategies needed to develop a lasting leadership signature.
Global Project Management
This solution is especially adapted to current and future project managers. In this training, participants focus on improving skills and competencies affecting control, monitoring and problem identification in global projects. Participants learn stakeholder management, engagement, motivation, and how to manage conflict constructively.
Problem-Solving and Decision Making
This solution is for teams who aim to improve meetings and problem-solving practices. Participants use different conversation facilitation techniques to open a more constructive and collaborative discussion. Participants also develop strategies for each phase of problem-solving; from fact finding to action plans.


Experiential Learning

In today’s competitive world, simply acquiring knowledge and skills in a single domain is not sufficient to remain competitive. People must also learn to apply knowledge in new domains and different situations. Leaders at every organizational level must be creative and flexible problem solvers.

We have adapted our training solutions based on REAL (Real Environments for Active Learning). This ensures that our learning design includes these 4 core methodologies: Generative Learning, Cooperative Learning, Learner-Centered Learning and Problem-Based Learning. In addition, participants in experiential learning workshops will be working under very competitive scenarios to:

Webmaster® Improving Problem-Solving
Goal: Hone management skills through effective communication, planning processes, and time restrictions.
Description of the Task: Webmaster explores how participants work together in an organized, and effective manner under pressure to solve a problem. This seemingly ‘easy’ task quickly becomes demanding as participants need to use effective communication, planning, and monitoring to adhere to the time frame to improve their performance.
Skills strengthened: Collaboration, effective communication, improving performance, planning, and monitoring, problem-solving, and time management.
Colourblind® Improving Communication
Goal: Develop better and more effective communication when facing pressure, uncertainty, and ambiguity.
Description of the Task: This Colourblind experiential learning activity is designed to develop effective communication and team building skills, and also help the team to recognize problems caused by imprecise communication and language. It is a verbal problem-solving experiential learning activity that is used to improve communication and listening skills.
Skills: Collaboration, effective communication and problem-solving.


Innovation and Design Thinking

At GLDS, we partner with leading organizations in innovation to offer both processes and tools to embed innovation into the organization.


GLDS is the exclusive representative of the leading innovation network: Co-Society: a platform where innovation teams from different businesses can combine their assets in a systematic way to create new products and services.

More information:

Innovation Model

In the VERNE® model, innovation is structured around the systematic detection of problems and opportunities within an organisation’s business model. This is an innovation model used worldwide to embed innovation into the culture of the company. The Verne® model drives innovation in the organization with actionable prototyping and concrete results.

More information:

Change Management
GLDS exclusively provides an innovative tool to help companies in their change initiatives. The Astrolabe Change System® is an innovative dynamic that facilitates decision consciousness to create a shared vision for change. This system allows for a deeper understanding of the problems and challenges affecting an organization.



Psychometric tools and assessments can empower business leaders to transform the performance of their employees, teams, and culture through analytics, insight and actions.

These assessments provide valuable information that can be used to make people decisions for various HR processes. GLDS actively uses assessments in training programs to identify current behavioral preferences, attitude and leadership traits.

Intercultural Assessments

Aperian Global is a global expert in facilitating talent development and business transformation across borders. Aperian Global has developed a battery of online assessments for intercultural interventions:

  • Global Teams Online SM (GTO)
  • Global Collaboration Toolkit SM
  • Global Innovation Online SM
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire SM
  • Global Leadership Online SM
  • GlobeSmart®

Working Behaviors
Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work, giving business leaders a greater level of certainty when identifying where to maximize Learning and Development interventions, and understanding where to boost morale to avoid staff turnover.

Emotional intelligence
We use the TEIQue EI assessment to improve communication and personal engagement, develop a more motivated workforce, and generate higher productivity. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) was developed by K. V. Petrides, PhD. It is one of the world’s best-researched psychometric instruments, supported by the internationally renowned London Psychometric Laboratory based at University College London (UCL).

Fully customizable, the 360 degree feedback provides businesses with an objective framework for identifying performance gaps, developing self-awareness and creating an environment for constructive and honest feedback. This assessment quickly and easily enables people to gather performance feedback from their managers, colleagues, team members and customers, then compare this feedback with their own perception of their performance.


Executive Coaching

The coaching solutions offered by GLDS are especially designed for senior leaders interested in expanding their operations, changing their business model or innovating the way they operate.
Coaching areas we cover:

Strategic Change Coaching
We provide advice to drive forward strategic change from the top level, such as setting and implementing the growth model, organizational evolution, and the business and human leadership model.
Customer Centric Organization
We coach leaders interested in increasing customer satisfaction through anticipating needs. As a result, companies can establish more efficient channels and improve the quality of customer interaction.
New Business Development
Coaching for business development can improve the connection between the headquarters and subsidiaries. We help companies establish the application of new business drivers, the management model and team development, and the capacity to lead.
Leading Change

We help businesses in their transformation efforts by focusing on two key pillars: alignment and engagement through a process of mindset and process change.

We provide strategic guidance in leading the change effort within their organization.

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