*Sold Out "Maximizing Personal Resilience" Online Workshop
The importance of Maximizing Personal Resilience
There is proven correlation between the most resilient workers being the most successful and sustainable in the workplace. The current situation in the world is further driving the need to upskills people so they can bounce back from challenges and understand what individually makes them strong and successful.
The benefits
Participants will leave the seminar:
・With a full understanding the concept of Personal Resilience and The Four Energy Dimension (Loehr and Schwartz)
・A full evaluation of their own resilience levels, their strengths and potential development areas.
・Having worked on example scenarios of difficult and real-life situations faced by individuals. These will include personal and business scenarios.
・With one practical action point they can apply to their own life to increase their Personal Resilience.

Who is this workshop for?:
●HR leaders interested in offering a resilience seminar/workshop to their employees.
●Business leaders interested in developing new capabilities within their teams.
●Non-Japanese professionals that want to get tips for being more resilient during this challenging times.
●Japanese professionals that want to learn about resilience in English with international participants
Online Learning
We all know that the world has changed significantly in the last six months. Therefore and we have ensured that all of our programs can be delivered online whilst remaining fully experiential, interactive and engaging.
"Maximizing Personal Resilience" Online Workshop
It is usually offered as a one-day face to face training program.
This workshop will be offered as a shorter, focused workshop so that more people can upskill themselves in this important skill.
*This seminar will be delivered in English.

Price: ¥7,800(tax included) *Sold Out
Payment information will be sent to you via email after you contact us.
Event Details
The importance of Maximizing Personal Resilience
Date:Sep 10 2020 Thu
Place:Online Zoom (There will be one break of 30 minutes at 2.30pm.)

Facilitator introduction

Kate Wilkinson Ara
Kate is from the U.K. where she studied and worked for the last 10 years. She also has experience working with professionals in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and The Netherlands. Kate originally worked in sales for Tobacco, Packaging and Pharmaceutical companies before moving into Learning and Development 5 years ago where she has worked in the Pharmaceutical and Legal industries. Kate's main experience is in Salesperson Training, Psychometric Training, Coaching, Presenting and Personal Resilience. Outside of work, Kate loves travel, experiencing new cultures, food and cooking.
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